Can You Really Make Your Own DIY Kylie Jenner Lip Kit?

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I think about Kylie Jenner‘s lip kit collection every day.

Would I prefer to focus on more constructive things, such as the Panama Papers scandal or what exactly is going on with the women’s US soccer team? Of course. I ask myself, “Why are you this way?” almost every day, but to be a worthwhile member of society is not the hand I was dealt. I am instead resigned to my unfortunate, Sisyphean fate — pondering the Kylie Jenner lip kit empire every day, wondering if I will ever find a shade that truly suits me, or if the world will meet its end before that day comes, or if I will ever stop caring about Kylo Jen (I like to call her this; it is a little inside joke that we have) and everything that she does. There are worse things I could think about, I guess. There are glosses in the lip kit collection now, anyway!

I did manage to get my grubby mitts on a few of the colors a few months back, since we have a collection of Mary Jo K, True Brown K and Posie K here at the offices that we keep in a special drawer. This communal lip kit drawer is probably not hygienic at all, but it is good for office morale! With this collection, I have been able to deduce that the lip kit is Very Good. The colors are flattering on most people and have an appealing consistency that’s just matte enough without being totally overwhelming.

But can you make your OWN Kylie Jenner lip kit?

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