Blame the Guy Who Gave Kylie Jenner Her First Kiss for Lip Filler Obsession

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Even though Kylie Jenner lives her life publicly, there’s so much more to her than we all know. On the outside, the reality star turned lip-kit kween is this incredible business woman who created a million dollar company, is GORGEOUS and can afford anything her heart desires. But, deep down inside, she’s got a few insecurities like the rest of us. Shocking, right?

Well, it’s no secret one of her biggest insecurities — especially early on in her life — was her lips. Kylizzle has talked about her lip fillers in the past, but now the 20-year-old opened up about the reason behind her drastic change to her therapist.

On last night’s episode of Life of Kylie, the star talked about the moment the insecurity about her appearance heightened. “I was 15 and I was really insecure about my lips,” she said. “I had really small lips.”

The reality star went on to explain that after her experiencing her first kiss, the guy commented on how good of a kisser Kylie was, despite having small lips. Yeah, that’s definitely something someone with lip insecurities would NOT want to hear.

“I took that really hard,” Kylie said after telling her story. “When a guy you like says that, I don’t know it just really affected me. I just didn’t feel desirable or pretty. I really wanted bigger lips. I ended up getting my lips done.”

Being criticized about how you look is never a good feeling, especially when it comes from someone you thought you trusted. We’ve all had times where we wished we could change something about ourselves, but Kylie just happened to have millions of people watching her every move.

However, the reason behind her lip changes was not all she revealed on the show. Kylie also admitted that she’s kinda sorta scared of Kris Jenner, but things have changed a bit now that she’s older. “I was scared of my mom growing up,” she revealed. “She was really scary. She still is scary but now we have more of a friendship.”