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Kylie Jenner & Jordyn Woods Get MARRIED on Life of Kylie Season Finale

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What better way to conclude the season finale of Life of Kylie than a sacred union of holy matrimony between two besties?

The brides-to-be (and yes, “brides” — as in PLURAL), Kylie Jenner and Jordyn Woods, take part in a “reaffirming of friendship” that seems to be raising a lot of questions.

It’s no question Kylie and Jordyn are super close friends, as seen throughout the entire first season of Life of Kylie, but never did we think that they’d be walking down the same aisle! On Sunday’s season finale of the hit reality show, the two besties take their friendship to a whole other level with a traditional commitment ceremony in Peru.

In the preview clip, Kylie and Jordyn walk into a beautifully decorated room decked out in head-to-toe wedding white as family and friends are also present. They’re then seen standing before a man leading the ceremony who says, “The rites to be married.”

The combination of the background music, those crazy Peruvian hats and the screeching sounds coming from a baby lamb only added to the effects of the ceremony that we couldn’t help but crack a laugh over.

Someone who wasn’t laughing, however, was mama Kris Jenner, as she almost loses it during the ceremony, asking Kylie’s assistant, Victoria, if the Peruvian priest knows that this isn’t actually a marriage ceremony. “This is just a commitment ceremony. Does he know that? Do we need to get this annulled after?” a freaked-out Kris asks. “There’s no prenup. F*ck!”

We won’t get all the ceremony details until the season finale airs this Sunday, but one thing we do know for sure is that Kylie and Jordyn’s relationship is ride-or-die and seriously #FriendshipGoals.

Watch the season finale preview below: