8 Humans Who Look More Like Kylie Jenner Than Any of Her Sisters Do

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There are a bunch of people walking around Hollywood with Kendall Jenner‘s face. It’s true, we tell you! She’s a beauty, but, apparently, her look isn’t exactly ~unique~. The same could be said for Demi Lovato, except most of her lookalikes aren’t famous.

And it looks like Kylie Jenner‘s in the same boat as the “Body Say” singer rather than her sister, ’cause she has so many non-famous humans with a similar look to hers, posting scary-similar pictures on Instagram. The proof:

@fatherkels — She’s the perfect Kylie Jenner-Lucy Hale hybrid!

A photo posted by kelsey (@fatherkels) on

@alanisstormy — This is exactly what KJ looked like when she wore blue contacts:

A photo posted by Alanis M. Stormy (@alanisstormy) on

@victoriia90 — Twins, down to the Moschino phone case.

@mkaylapenn — It’s the lips and falsies that really step up this girl’s Jenner game:

@joynae_elisah — Shh…ut up, this chick NAILED IT:

A photo posted by Joy'nae Bowier (@joynae_elisah) on

emelpeci — Look, a duplicate of Ky’s no-makeup selfie.

A photo posted by Emel Peci (@emelpeci) on

@theninavee — And she’s holding three shades from Kylie’s lip collection. Cannot deal.

A photo posted by N I N A V E E | blogger (@theninavee) on

@gabywaters23 — MMhmm.

A photo posted by Gabrielle (@gabywaters23) on

Sadly, not everyone’s a fan of Kylie. Here are six fashion icons who dissed the Jenner girls: