Kylie Jenner Got Her Very Own IG Filter & Here’s How You Can Use It

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No one can really say they have their own Instagram filter but Kylie Jenner can! A Kylie filter was JUST launched on Instagram, but don’t worry you guys, it wasn’t made for the beauty mogul to personally use herself. It was actually created for Y-O-U.

If you typically find yourself spending way too much money on Kylie Cosmetics products without knowing how it’ll look on your face, you can now test out some of her new shades with the custom filter that just launched on IG yesterday.

As long as you’re following Kylie on Insta, you have access to an all-new face filter, which allows you to swatch 7 different shades of lip kits on your own face so you can see how they’d look in real life. So cool, right?! What’s even better is that you can try out some more of the more interesting shades as well, like “Shady,” which is a daring blue that you’ll definitely want to try before shelling out your hard earned cash.

BUT, that’s not the only good news coming out of Kylie Cosmetics. The soon-to-be 21-year-old also just announced her 2018 Birthday collection, and let us be the ones to tell you… it’s freakin’ fabulous!

The reality star unveiled the 21 collection on her Instagram story yesterday. “I can’t believe I’m about to be 21,” Kylie said in her IG story. “It’s definitely the most personal collection that I’ve done. I hope you guys love it.” Well, right about it being the most personal collection.

The new 21 collection includes photos of her face on the packaging, which automatically makes it more personal than anything she’s ever released in the past. But, we know what you’re thinking: what exactly is included in the new collection? Well, for the beauty mogul’s 21st birthday, we’ll be getting six new matte lipsticks, a 21-shade eyeshadow palette, and a pressed powder in a shade called “Champagne Showers.”

We don’t know about you, but we’re super stoked for this new collection.