Kylie Jenner Criticized for Giving Blushes Super Inappropriate Names

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Kylie Jenner is no stranger to criticism directed toward herself AND her highly successful beauty brand, Kylie Cosmetics. It has been a monster (in a good way) in the makeup industry ever since it launched in 2016, with hundreds of thousands of people crashing the site virtually every time something new comes out.

Don’t get us wrong — there have been serious issues with KC in the past, like when she was accused of copying Jeffree Star Cosmetics’ packaging and when she charged $360 for a brush set that, frankly, looked cheap AF. But, for the most part, the thrill of joining in on the Kylie Cosmetics bandwagon outweighs the kinks for most of her young customers.

The latest controversy the 20-year-old’s brand is facing has nothing to do with the quality or price of the products, however; the criticism is because of their names.

The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star recently relaunched her Pressed Blush Powders, which are named things like ‘X-Rated,’ ‘Virginity’ and ‘Barely Legal.’

So, like what happened right after they came out for the first time several months ago, people are slamming Kylie for selling products with such inappropriate monikers, especially when she knows she has many young fans making purchases.

Others, however, point out that many other makeup companies push the envelope with their product names, including NARS Cosmetics whose most-popular products are blushes like ‘Deep Throat’ and ‘Orgasm.’

Stormi Webster‘s mom has not yet responded to the criticism.