Kylie Jenner Low-Key Hides Her (Rumored) Baby Bump in New Videos

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For those of you who hoped there would be at least a HINT of a baby bump in Kylie Jenner‘s new Snapchats and Lip Kit video reveal, you are going to be severely disappointed.

In a series of Snaps announcing new fall lippies, KJ hid her maybe-baby bump by wearing a long, baggy white T-shirt and angling the camera so we only see her from the chest up. She also made use of some of those adorable filters, so there’s absolutely zero chance of us confirming her pregnancy with our own eyes. This girl seriously knows how to work the hype.

If the 20-year-old really is about five months into her pregnancy as some news outlets previously reported, it’s safe to assume she’d be showing a bump at this point, right? Well, whether Kylie is just trolling us all and isn’t even expecting, or she really IS preggo and just refuses to confirm it, she’s definitely not ready to let us know the answer just yet.

The entrepreneur and BFF Jordyn Woods also made a YouTube video together in order to show off the line, but there’s no way to see a potential bump there, either.

Not gonna lie, we’re not exactly surprised that Ky didn’t confirm or deny the pregnancy in these videos, because she’s much too savvy of a businesswoman to let a rumor (true OR false) overshadow her new products. Instead, she’ll just keep letting people speculate and talk about her life. Free press? Heck yeah!

Maybe we’ll find out if Kylie really is expecting a baby when it’s a toddler!

You may think it’s weird that Kylie Jenner is hiding her pregnancy, but it happens ALL the time in Hollywood. These stars actually kept their pregnancies secret until they were ready to pop: