Fans Think Kylie Jenner Already Gave Birth to Travis Scott’s Baby

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There was once a theory that Kylie Jenner was going to finally debut her baby bump on the last day of the Kardashian Christmas card reveal, but that proved to be completely inaccurate because the 20-year-old didn’t even appear at all. Now, there’s another theory floating around that — wait for it — KJ already gave birth to boyfriend Travis Scott‘s baby, and while it seems a bit farfetched, fans did come up with some compelling evidence.

The main source of the rumors came from the picture Kim Kardashian posted on Christmas Eve. Half of the KarJenners are looking off at something to their right, which one clever person theorized was Kylie and her baby girl.

While this theory is definitely pretty out there, some fans are using it as a starting point to come up with their own conclusions, and many think it IS possible that Kylie is already a mom.

And that brings us to yet ANOTHER theory that’s floating around — Kylie will confirm her pregnancy (or that she had a baby) on New Year’s Eve. Nothing like starting the year with a bombshell, right? TBH, if anyone is going to break the Internet as the ball drops, it’s going to be a KarJenner.