Kylie Jenner’s Animal Cruelty Accusation is Her Most Disgusting Scandal Yet

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Kylie Jenner has done many questionable things in her 18 years of being alive. From cultural appropriation to blatant racism, let’s just say the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star is no stranger to pissing people off. But in her latest ‘WTF!?’ moment, KJ has been accused of doing something that truly only the lowest of low people would ever do — animal cruelty.

As many Kylie fans know, the (sometimes) brunette bombshell is OB-SESSED with her dogs, Norman and Bambi. So when she posted a video of the two on Snapchat, the world was disgusted and shocked to see one of the Italian Greyhounds’ ribs and spine through his skin.

Almost immediately after Kylie uploaded the vid, complaints were made to LA County Animal Control, which prompted an investigation. Despite Bambi’s thin stature, Animal Control officials say that there is no neglect and the youngest Kardashian/Jenner sister has been cleared of all abuse charges.

“We did an animal welfare check yesterday,” Derek Brown, deputy director of LA County Animal Control told People. “Miss Jenner was very cooperative. Her animals are actually under medical care, so there’s no neglect whatsoever. The breed of dog tend to be very lean anyway.”

The same official told The Huffington Post that “photos can be deceiving” and they’re “more than satisfied that the animal is being properly cared for.”

WHEW! That’s a relief. We’re sure Kylie is feeling the same way, especially since it’s clear that she’s completely devoted to being a mommy to her puppies.

And for Kylie Jenner’s second scandal of the week…

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