People Think Kylie Jenner Was Getting a Boob Job When She Said She Was Sick

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Kylie Jenner has come clean about her lip injections, but constantly denies doing anything else to alter her body. Although many people suspected that she’s gotten breast implants in the past, their allegations were never really strong. But after seeing the 19-year-old’s latest Snapchats, we COMPLETELY understand why the boob-job rumors are running rampant yet again.

The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star recently went M.I.A from her fave social media platform because of a bad case of “food poisoning,” but fans are now thinking her illness story is just a cover-up for going under the knife. You see, Kylie’s chest looked WAY bigger than it’s ever been before, making people question what the heck could’ve happened in such a short period of time.


But even though TONS of people are pretty positive KyJen got her breasts enhanced, the teenager says that’s not the case, and her chest appears larger because “it’s that time of the month.”

So, Kylie’s saying no, but the world is saying yes. What do you think — did she get implants?

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