Kylie Jenner Shows Off Stormi’s Pierced Ears & the Internet Is PISSED

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Kylie Jenner showed off Stormi‘s newly pierced ears and the people of the Internet weren’t too happy about that. In fact, after reading all of their negative comments, we couldn’t help but wonder if all these people are actually listed on Stormi’s birth certificate as her parents…

Surprise, surprise. Kylizzle is under fire yet again and this time it’s because of her latest parenting decision. Earlier this week, the momma of one shared an adorable snap of herself giving her baby girl some sweet, sweet lovin’, and while Ky’s fans could NOT get enough of their cute interaction, others decided to fixate on what they thought was a more pressing matter: Stormi’s pierced ears.


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That’s right, instead of just enjoying the cute mommy-daughter video, some people decided to get upset by the tiny studs on Stormi’s ears. Seriously, check out these tweets criticizing Stormi’s earrings.

Toddler tattoos? We didn’t even realize that was an option! Although it seems like quite a bit of people were upset by this move, quite a few actually came to Kylie’s defense.

Honestly criticizing a mom who got her daughter’s ears pierced is lowkey wild. Who knew pierced baby ears bothered so many people??