Kylie Jenner’s Website is Getting Sued & the Reason Might Surprise You

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It hasn’t been a great time in Kylie Jenner‘s life as of late and it’s all because of her cosmetics empire. Last Thursday, fans were outraged when the lip kit kween revealed that her entire 16 brush collection would cost $360. Yeah, you read that correctly, 360 BIG ONES.

Although the 20-year-old came to her collection’s defense and explained that the price point was a consequence of having a non-synthetic line, fans and celebs alike just weren’t buying it. One fan pointed out that the only person who could really afford a set of brushes worth $360 is Kylie herself.

Not to mention the brush kit also earned a pretty scathing review from makeup artist Jeffree Star. After the whole brush fiasco came the wildfire incident. On Sunday evening, Kylie tweeted out that her lip kit factory in Oxnard was “severely impacted” by the wildfires ravaging LA and Ventura counties and would have to temporarily close due to employees having to evacuate.

If Kylizzle thought she was out of the woods after all of those situations, well, she had another thing coming because now, Kyles is getting SUED and it’s honestly for the most surprising reason ever. We don’t think you’re going to see this one coming.

The lawsuit against the 20-year-old’s cosmetic website was brought on by Antoinette Suchenko, a woman who has been legally blind for more than 20 years. Antoinette uses a screen-reading device that provides audio of all text on a website and encountered difficulty when accessing the reality star’s site. Per the Americans with Disabilities Act, companies are required to provide the same full and equal enjoyment of the goods, services, facilities, privileges, advantages or accommodations to blind customers as it does sighted ones.

However, Ms. Suchenko isn’t looking for some quick cash. She just wants the website to be updated in order to make it accessible for blind individuals, so everyone can buy those sweet lip kits and overpriced brushes! For those of you who don’t know, this kind of lawsuit actually runs in the family as the Kardashian DASH boutique was sued on the same grounds last October.

A similar case was brought against Winn-Dixie in June, and the plaintiff won, so this bodes well for Antoinette. We certainly hope Kylie Inc. brings the website up to standards ASAP. In spite of the all the controversy, Kylie did just hit 100 million Instagram followers, so all it not lost for the beauty queen.