Kylie Jenner Causes Uproar After Posting Racy Instagram Picture. (P.S. She’s 16)

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The Jenner girls are no strangers to controversial photos. Older sis Kim Kardashian made sure of it after posting a post-baby swimsuit body picture on Instagram last month. (Kanye West‘s response was absolutely vom-worthy.) So it shouldn’t come as such a surprise that they’re following in Kim’s footsteps when it comes to their own TwitPics, right? Erh, actually…

Currently, Kylie Jenner‘s in the middle of her own media controversy after publishing a raunchy picture of her own while wearing a cleavage-baring dress. It’s not anything that we haven’t seen the older Kardashians/Jenners do, however, Kylie’s only 16 years old. Not exactly appropriate according to most outlets. But now, we’re asking you — are Kylie’s Insta-pics too racy for her age? Take a look at some of the snapshots that caused uproar over recent months, including the final one, which was just posted this week: