11 Times Kylie Jenner Put Her Boobs on Display on Instagram

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Kylie Jenner has had to deny getting a boob job for what seems like forever. Sure, she owned up to surgically enhancing her lips after months of speculation, but the 18-year-old social media queen affirms that her now-larger chest is simply the result of a 15-pound weight gain and a really good bra. #casual

But while KJ says she gets pretty annoyed with people questioning her breast size on the reg, she sure isn’t doing much to prevent the opinion! All you have to do is take one look through the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star’s Instagram and you’ll see numerous occasions where she puts those bad boys (girls?) on display. Sure she may deny this, but come on — there’s no way she just so HAPPENS to have her tatas as the main subject of her pics. We’re onto you, Kylie… We’re onto you…