New Pictures of Kylie Jenner Trying (& Failing) to Hide Baby Bump Hit Internet

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If you’re one of the millions of people who have been keeping up with the saga that is Kylie Jenner‘s unconfirmed pregnancy, you’ll know that she has gone to great lengths to keep her body hidden away because she’s obviously expecting a baby for whatever reason. Paparazzi did manage to snap pictures of the 20-year-old looking like she was sporting a baby bump back in early November, but they were pretty obviously Photoshopped to make her appear preggo. Now, even MORE photos of KJ have surfaced and this time it doesn’t seem like Photoshop is a factor.

In a series of images that were posted on Twitter, a girl who’s allegedly Kylie is wearing an oversized dark gray sweatshirt on top of what looks to be a baby bump. You can see some pink glittery letters hanging in the background, so Internet sleuths did some digging and matched them to what the reality star’s best friend, Jordyn Woods, had at her birthday party in September.

Many people assumed Kylie would announce her pregnancy on the last day of the Kardashian-Jenner family’s Christmas card reveal, but instead she was totally missing from the final image.

A source told TMZ that the Kylie Cosmetics CEO was “obviously pregnant” at Kris Jenner‘s lavish Christmas Eve party, which another insider confirmed to People magazine.

“Kylie looked great but didn’t really draw any attention to her baby bump,” the source told the mag. “She still acts like she wants to keep her pregnancy private.”

KJ’s older sister, Khloe Kardashian, recently confirmed her pregnancy, which people started talking about just days after rumors about Kylie expecting a baby surfaced.