This New Klaine Duet Is The Most “Perfect” Ever (Video)

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When Blaine and the Warblers (and the Mini Warbler!) sung “Raise Your Glass” by Pink last season, we fell even more in love with Darren Criss. Their half-acapella version was so amaze! So since that song was so popular, the folks over at Glee decided to have Blaine sing another one of Pink’s biggies — “Perfect” — but this time with his boyfie, Kurt.

And the title doesn’t even begin to describe it. We’re not even so sure what the context of this song is yet (though we can guess they sing it to each other to prove that Blaine is into Kurt and not Sebastian), but we already feel the emotion and love it so much. Take a listen for yourself below:

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Oh, and BTW, on tomorrow’s ep, “I Kissed a Girl,” the gleeks will also be singing “Girls Just Want to Have Fun,” “I Kissed a Girl,” and songs by Dolly Parton and Melissa Etheridge, so tune in!

Do you like Klaine’s cover of this song? Is it better than this one? !