YouTuber ~Jokingly~ Posts Photo of Zoe Sugg’s Vag, But People Are Still Raging

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First Zoe Sugg got shamed for posting a picture of herself in her underwear, and now she’s getting s*it for — wait for it — being caught at an unflattering angle in Alfie Deyes’ vlog.

For reasons unbeknownst to anyone, YouTuber KSI (ya know, the one whose been feuding with PewDiePie lately) got his hands on a screenshot of Zoella with her dress caught around her thighs, making her crotch kinda visible.

Even though the beauty guru was laughing in the video when the wardrobe malfunction happened, she was not too thrilled that the 22 year old was clearly shaming her body.


And while many of KSI’s fans were laughing right along with him, Zoe’s supporters stood behind the 26 year old, saying that she didn’t deserve to be embarrassed for doing absolutely nothing.

If a male YouTuber’s private parts were kinda seen would he get the same kind of spotlight? Most likely not. UGH


No matter what drama Zoe is faced with, she knows thousands of people have her back. Just look at how many supported her after the underwear ~controversy~: