Video Feud Turns Into Major War After YT Star Compares Another to Alleged Rapist

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Another day, another case of YouTube drama.

It all started when PewDiePie uploaded a video called “YouTube Drama,” talking about how people online are obsessed with getting “ready to attack their next target of someone f*cking up.”

Felix, the YouTuber’s real name, continued to say that many people on the site are SO quick to jump on any drama happening in the community to up their views.

“Every time, there seems to be more YouTubers getting involved because they know talking about the topic is gonna get them more views and attention. YouTube is becoming this ‘drama machine’ where everyone is throwing in their two cents to get 20 cents back.”

But wait a second… isn’t that exactly what PewDiePie did by making his vid? Apparently, fellow YT star KSI felt that way, because HE then chimed in and uploaded one of his own, sarcastically imitating those who comparing about the YouTube community becoming a “s*it-storm.”

“I watched Markiplier’s video; I watched PewDiePie’s video. At the end of both I was just like, ‘What is the point of this? What is the point of these videos? How has this helped anything?’ PewDiePie talked about how YouTubers are jumping on these ‘drama topics’ because they know it’s going to get them more views and attention… but haven’t you JUST done that?! Your video has LITERALLY just done that! If anything, you’re letting more people know about this ‘YouTube drama.'”

After KSI posted his response on YouTube, PewDiePie took to another social media platform to comment back… and he did so by comparing him to alleged rapist and fellow YouTuber, Toby Turner

KSI’s response? A well-placed GIF.

We’re sure the KSI-PewDiePie feud is far from over, and we’ll keep you updated as it progresses.

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