YouTubers Mourn the Loss of Fellow YT Star Who Tragically Died of Cancer

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Vine star Emma Greer DiBiase lost her battle with cancer over the weekend, and today we’re heartbroken to report that another social media star has succumbed to the disease, as well. Kristie Holly Naimi, a young girl who made YouTube videos for about two years, sadly passed away yesterday afternoon.

The 21 year old was born with Rothmund-Thomson syndrome, “a rare condition that affects many parts of the body, especially the skin and bones in the forearms and thumbs.” After dealing with this her entire life, Kristie was also diagnosed with cancer about a year ago, and although she fought it hard, it eventually spread and was no longer treatable. Just two days before she passed away, the YouTuber got to hang out with one of her idols-turned-friends, Drew Chadwick.

Her family confirmed that Kristie lost her battle with cancer by posting a tweet on her Twitter page.

As soon as word of her death began to spread around the Internet, fellow YT stars began to express their heartbreak and sought to remember the inspiring young girl.

Kristie also had a lasting impact on other stars, including another member of Emblem3 and a former One Tree Hill star.

Rest in peace <3

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