Go Inside Kristen Stewart’s ‘Alice in Wonderland’ Themed Childhood Home!

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If you're a fan of Kristen Stewart, you know that she grew up in a rather eccentric household (both parents are in the arts/entertainment industry), but these photos of her childhood home are just further proof! Recently, the spacious Hollywood Hills home just went on the market, and we're getting a look at the unique abode.

The outside of the home has a full on Alice in Wonderland theme, with images of the White Rabbit painted on the outside, in addition to the Queen of Hearts. With the Queen of Hearts artwork, the phrase, "No, no! Sentence first – verdict afterwards!" is adorned with it.

Also, the backyard looks like an oasis, with a pool and life-sized chess set. However, it's still unconfirmed if this is what the house looked like when Kristen and her fam lived here. Even so, we'd still like to throw a party in the awesome backyard!

So, if you're in the market for a new home, and just so happen to have $1,750,000 to burn, the house could be all yours! To see more photos from the unique home, check out the gallery below!