The Click: Doesn’t Kristen Stewart Look All Grown Up on the Cover of Vogue?

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Photos from Kristen Stewart‘s upcoming Vogue cover have been released, and she looks so mature, we barely recognized her. [Just Jared Jr]

KStew’s Twilight cast-mate Cam Gigandet talks about premieres, pretty costars, and… pimples. [Teen Vogue]

Watch your back, Dakota! Elle Fanning might snag a coveted role in Hunger Games, a franchise that’s bound to be as big as Twilight. [4tnz]

Wonder why it’s a big deal that Chris Colfer won a Golden Globe (other than the fact that he’s so freakin’ adorbs)? [JSYK]

Jake Gyllenhaal took his ex-girlfriend to the Golden Globes. And, nope, it definitely wasn’t Taylor Swift. [Hollywire]

Though Blair Waldorf is no stranger to nightlife, Leighton Meester thinks partying is the “least interesting thing” you can do with your time. We disagree. [Seventeen]

Speaking of Gossip Girl(s), Taylor Momsen landed a part in the upcoming flick Ten Year alongside that dude who plays Carter Baizen. [Wetpaint]

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