Kristen Stewart is More Public with Her New GF Than She Ever Was with RPattz

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If you didn’t believe us when we first told you the dating rumors, there’s now physical proof that Kristen Stewart has a new girlfriend!

Earlier this month, the 25-year-old actress was spotted wrapped in the arms of 30-year-old French singer-songwriter Stéphanie Sokolinski, better known by her stage name, Soko. Some suggested it could be case of close friendship, while others stood by the firm belief that they’re actually a couple. But, if these snapshots are any indication, there’s a full-blown relationship between the two ladies.

Unlike her previous relationship with on-again-off-again boyfriend-of-4-years Robert Pattinson, KStew actually risked being caught, in public, holding hands and — wait for it — KISSING her new love, while the two took in the sites over the course of multiple days in Paris a.k.a. the City of Love. Hand-holding AND smooching — like… how long did it take for us to get that out of her and Rob? Did we ever get that??

Though neither has confirmed that love is in the air, we don’t necessarily expect Kristen to, considering the only time she publicly declared her feelings for RPattz was after she was caught cheating on him with her married Snow White and the Huntsman director, Rupert Sanders, so…

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