KStew Cozies Up To Taylor — Not Rob! — At the People’s Choice Awards?!

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Last night at the People’s Choice Awards, Rob Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner accepted the award for Favorite Movie Drama for Eclipse. NBD, because, duh, we knew that was gonna happen. But, as happy as we were to see our fave trio take top prize, we couldn’t help but think the speech was just a wee bit awkward. Like, even more awkward than usual.

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When Rob, Kristen and Taylor got on stage, it looked like Rob was trying to hold hands and touch Kristen, but she kept pushing him away. Instead, she locked arms with Taylor and got all PDA on him! What do you think this means for Robsten?!

Watch the vid to see what we mean!

Do you think this means Kristen is so over Rob? Or maybe that she just wasn’t comfy with going public about their relationship just yet (even though it’s been, like, a million years)? Or are we just exaggerating and is the Kristen/Taylor PDA NBD? Tell us what you think!