Will Kristen Stewart Be the Next Lois Lane?!

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We already told you that Kristen Stewart was in talks to play famed leading lady, Lois Lane in the Superman reboot, and it turns out she did actually read for the part. Yes! But, will Kstew be working with hottie Henry Cavill on the flick, who’s already been cast as Superman?

Well, the verdict is in, and…

Kristen actually turned down the part! According to sources, Kristen said no to the movie because she’d rather focus on smaller, independent films, because being in huge blockbusters and the spotlight makes her uncomfortable. Guess there will be no more Twilight-esque franchises in Kristen’s future!

Are you bummed that Kristen won’t be playing Lois? Which other actress do you think should play the part instead? Tell us below!