From Our BFFs: Kristen Stewart Attends the Florence + The Machine Concert with a Guy That’s Not Robert Pattinson

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Relax, people. Yes Kristen Stewart did attend the Florence + The Machine concert last night. But she went with her dad! [Just Jared Jr.]

Since KStew didn’t go out on a real date, is it reasonable to think she’s trying to win Robert Pattinson back by doing yoga? [Wetpaint]

Taylor Swift sings about exes to get back at them. Is getting revenge on a guy really the best answer? [Gurl]

Attention all Gossip Girl fans: The mysterious Gossip Girl will in fact be revealed in season 6! [Gossip Girl]

Now that we know GG will be revealed this season, who do you think it’ll be? Hear what the cast, including Blake Lively, has to say! [ClevverTV]

We all know that Harry Styles and Zayn Malik are obsessed with tattoos, but did you know that Niall Horan was this close to getting a pretty, ahem, interesting tat himself? [Cambio]

Umm, how awesome is this acapella version of Demi Lovato‘s “Give Your Heart A Break?” Like, can we please have your voice, Dem? [M]

We love you, Cory Monteith. But you’re not fooling anyone — we know you’re not really a teenager! [HuffPost Teen]

As much as we love the fact that Beyonce and Jay-Z recently performed together, we can’t help but ask one question: “Where was Blue Ivy?!” [Hollywire]

Check out Rihanna’s new nude(-themed) fragrance ad! And no, it’s not what you think. [PopCrush]

Joseph Gordon-Levitt‘s really hit it big time… [Crushable]

Every girl loves a good fairytale and a great pair of heels. So this combo is totes amaze. Can you see Kim Kardashian drooling already? [HelloGiggles]

Fall weather + puppies sleeping in a pile of leaves = SO CUTE! [SparkNotes]