13 of Kristen Stewart’s Most “Emotional” Faces From The Twilight Saga (Pics)

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SummitWe’ve all heard about (and seen) Kristen Stewart‘s infamous lip-biting action in Twilight. But since the first flick from the Twilight Saga debuted, we think KStew’s grown up a bit in that department, and has finally evolved into an actress with quote-unquote many facial expressions. Note the subtle eyebrow movements and occasional open-mouthed stare. Now that’s acting. So to commemorate her journey towards becoming an Oscar-worthy starlet (okay, we’ll try to stop being sarcastic), here are 13 of Kristen’s most emotional faces from all four movies…

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Stunned (Twilight)
What she’s probably thinking:
“Gosh, he’s so pretty to look at.”

Intrigued (Twilight)
What she’s probably thinking:
“Strange. We have, like, the same skin color.”

Terrified (Twilight)
What she’s probably thinking:
 “I’d be more afraid if he wasn’t so attractive.”

Flustered (New Moon)
What she’s probably thinking: “All this over a frikkn paper cut?”

Heartbroken (New Moon)
What she’s probably thinking: “#humangirlproblems”

Lust (New Moon)
What she’s probably thinking: “Hope my breath doesn’t smell.”

Curious (Eclipse)
What she’s probably thinking: “How do these werewolves stay so tan?”

Concerned (Eclipse)
What she’s probably thinking: “If I become a vampire, he won’t show me his abs anymore.”

Turned On (Eclipse)
What she’s probably thinking: “OMG, I’m obsessed with his homeless-guy scent.”

Jittery (Breaking Dawn)
What she’s probably thinking: “You’re a vampire. You always have cold feet.”

Loving (Breaking Dawn)
What she’s probably thinking: “Hope my general awkwardness won’t affect my dancing.”

Sexual (Breaking Dawn)
What she’s probably thinking: “!!!”

Worried (Breaking Dawn)
What she’s probably thinking: “Now a bunch of wolves want my baby? FML.”

Do you think Kristen’s a good actress? WDYT she’s thinking in some of the pics? Are you gonna see Breaking Dawn this weekend? So many questions! Share below!