Was Kristen Stewart Dropped from the ‘Snow White and the Huntsman’ Sequel?

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Chris Hemsworth to Take Over SWATH Franchise, The Huntsman Spin-Off


After declaring to her boyfriend — and the world — that she’d been unfaithful, Kristen Stewart‘s had her ups and downs. (Mainly downs from what most can speculate.) Besides triumphing over Jennifer Lawrence by snagging the lead role in Lie Down in the Darkness, KStew’s lost more than she’s gained within the last month. Most recently (though unconfirmed), a part in the sequel to her hit June film, Snow White and the Huntsman.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, a Universal spokesperson says that “[t]he studio is currently exploring options to continue the franchise” — minus the main character from the original.

Instead, they’re allegedly planning on Huntsman Chris Hemsworth to potentially take over by portraying the lead in a spin-off of the flick as opposed to a full-blown SWATH sequel. However, Gossip Cop claims that since “[t[here isn’t a script” for the second installment, it’s impossible to know for sure which characters will be involved, including Snow White.

No word yet on whether Director (and co-conspirator in the cheating scandal) Rupert Sanders will return, despite his enthusiasm for a part two. But one thing is for certain, the original screenwriter for the first film, David Koepp, will NOT pen the continuation of the franchise.

This isn’t the first film disappointment we’ve heard from Kristen’s front since the big reveal. Just last week, news broke that she herself dropped out playing the main role in thriller Cali (for no specific reason), a part in which Writer Michael Diliberti reportedly wrote with Kristen in mind. Now, Amber Heard has been given the green light to take Kristen’s spot acting opposite Alex Pettyfer. News is still pending on whether Amber will accept a place in the cast.

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