How Twitter (And Fans) Reacted to the Shocking Kristen Stewart News

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We are still not over the fact that what happened between Kristen Stewart and her Snow White & The Huntsman director Rupert Sanders actually happened.

Even though both parties have released official statements on the incident and, the latest in the story is that Rob Pattinson moved out of the home they share together, we still find it hard to believe. Kristen is such a private person who has never even admitted to dating Rob . But here she is admitting she cheated on him? It all just seems so bizarre.

And Kristen fans seem to be facing the same dilemma as we are. Do you still love a celebrity and just ignore what goes on in her personal life and appreciate her as an actress? Or do you hold it against her forever and lose all respect for her and her movies? Fans’ reactions on Twitter right after news broke ranged from being in complete denial to straight up nasty and threatening:


Celebrities were tweeting about it as well, including this tweet from Lady Gaga:


We should also mention that one devoted Kristen fan site with a decent size following, KStewartDaily.Net, has changed admins in light of the news. The site’s three editors wrote:

“Due to recent events and personal beliefs, we cannot remain admins of this site and condone the actions taken by the actress… we just can’t support and condone someone who would cause so much heartbreak not only to the person she loves but to another family as well. It would be hypocritical of us to continue posting here like everything is okay when in our hearts we don’t support her actions.”

Also, while we rewatched our interview with Rupert for SWATH, we can’t help but think it’s kind of ironic he talked about the love-triangle in the movie and the love-triangle between “the vampire and the fox” in Twilight, which is weird because it’s essentially what’s going on with them now. Oh, and he mentions the likelihood of a sequel happening, which would be beyond awkward at this point.

Kristen Stewart Admits to Cheating on Rob Pattinson