Beauty and Fashion Transformations for Kristen Stewart’s Rebound

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It seems like every time a big celebrity couple breaks up (or is on the rocks, in the case of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart), there are some crazy beauty and fashion transformations that occur. And since Kristen was spotted last week for the first time since the Robsten scandal wearing her usual sneakers/jeans/baseball hat combo, we think it’s time for her to step up her game and make herself over. We used a little Photoshop imagination and here are our suggestions to Kristen about drastic changes she can make to take everyone’s mind off of the drama…

Crazy Eyelashes
Kris is not afraid of a smoky eye. We have lots of red carpet pictures to prove that beauty theory! But taking some faux fringe from Katy Perry’s book would kind of be the ultimate, “Hey guys, I’m doing alright.”

Candy Colored Hair
Pink hair has been a hot beauty trend lately and it looks like purple is the next vibrant hue to try. It’s really different from her usual brunette locks, but it would definitely make a Nicki Minaj-level statement.

Sky-High Heels
Wearing high heels is a basic requirement when you’re wearing couture designer dresses with prices tags of a college education. So we kind of love that Kristen is known to straight up wear Converse sneakers to events. The Internet might break if she wore some major platform shoes like Lady Gaga.

Chic Blonde Bob
Looking great is always the best revenge. Kristen went blonde for the upcoming On The Road, but a sleek and modern update with a blonde bob like Miley Cyrus‘ would be awesome. It’s by far Miley’s best hair look, so maybe it could be the same for Kristen?

Side Ponytail
The quickest way to spice up an average ponytail is with a different hair color, a la Ariana Grande. Besides, what respectable starlet hasn’t dabbled in crazy hair color a few times?

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