7 Awkward Kristen Stewart Award Show Moments That Still Make You Cringe

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Let’s be honest, Kristen Stewart‘s whole life is one awkward moment after the other. Sure, you may consider yourself to be socially awkward, but the Twilight star is publicly known for her cringe-worthy interviews and embarrassing red carpet appearances, so that’s a worse situation.

Even KStew’s dating life has gotten weird — her current girlfriend dated her ex-boyfriend, Robert Pattinson, before she hooked up with her! Kristen’s most embarrassing and awkward moments, however, have to be at award shows. We still love her despite all these iconically bad moments, but we had to share them with all of you anyway:

1. 2009 MTV Movie Awards — The first year that Kristen and her Twilight co-star, Rob, won the MTV Movie Award for Best Kiss, everyone was hoping for an epic smooch on stage to cement their win. Unlike all the awesome couples that went before them, like Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams in 2005, these two opted for a totally bizarre moment. Rob talked about his gum and then Kristen went in for the kiss, with her arms crossed, paused and then bailed. Ugh.

2. 2010 Academy Awards — Poor, KStew just can’t catch a break when the cameras are on her. While presenting with her other Twilight co-star, Taylor Lautner, at the Oscars, she was her usual uncomfortable self, but things got bad real quick. During her part of the speech, she leaned over her shoulder and coughed! Okay, it wasn’t her fault, but you could tell it was pretty embarrassing for her.

3. 2010 MTV Movie Awards — After disappointing their fans the year before, Kristen and Rob seemed like they were going to make up for their strange Best Kiss speech in 2010, but then Kristen got all awkward again and ruined it. Shocker. This time when her hot co-star went in for the kiss, she pushed him away. Oh, and she tripped when she left her seat to accept the award. Double yikes.

4. 2011 MTV Movie Awards — Like you would expect anything but bizarre behavior from these two at an MTV Movie Awards. In 2011, Rob was clearly over Kristen’s shenanigans, so he ditched her and kissed Taylor instead. #Burn.

5. 2011 MTV Movie Awards (again) — 2011 was NOT the year for the 25-year-old actress at this award show. Sure, she won a few awards, but her awkward meter was at an all-time high. After giving her acceptance speech for Best Female Performance, she actually DROPPED the popcorn award!

6. 2012 MTV Movie Awards — Who knew that when Rob wasn’t at an award show, things would get even stranger with Kristen taking home the Best Kiss honor? In 2012, Kristen accepted the award on behalf of the duo, and then asked a few friends to come up and help her out with the kiss portion of the night. When no one came on stage, she made out with herself. Oddly, it wasn’t the worst on-stage kiss moment of her life.

7. 2013 Academy Awards — Two of the biggest names in YA history were on stage together to present at the Oscars and, of course, KStew had a funny moment. While walking out with Daniel Radcliffe, Kristen hobbled and limped to the microphone. It was hilarious, but sad at the same time because she was actually on crutches on the red carpet earlier that night. Leave it to the Snow White and the Huntsman actress to make a Twilight and Harry Potter collaboration all about her awkwardness.

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