Kristen Stewart Seen Holding Hands With Her Ex Just Weeks After Splitting With GF

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Before Kristen Stewart was jet-setting around the world and sucking thumbs with her ex-girlfriend Stéphanie Sokolinski a.k.a. Soko, she was busy not-so subtly romancing another person. No, not Robert Pattinson, Nicholas Hoult, or director Rupert Sanders, but her longtime friend-turned-something-more Alicia Cargile, the first woman she publicly “dated.” And even though the news of KStew and Soko’s split just came out less than two weeks ago, it seems that the 26-year-old star has already moved on… to that very same ex-GF!

The Twilight actress and her personal assistant were rumored to have broken up back in October, but they’ve apparently mended their bond and are just as close as they were before; like, holding-hands-in-public-level closeness.

Kristen and Alicia were seen hanging out at Cannes Film Festival over the past few days, and have been photographed hand in hand numerous times. First, the exes walked out of the American Honey screening with their fingers intertwined and then gripped each other a few hours later while leaving a party on a yacht. #CasualAF

The musician, who is also in Cannes right now, allegedly tweeted and deleted an aggressive (and quite coincidentally timed) note seemingly directed toward her ex a few days before their breakup happened.


Interesting. We mean… even though Kristen and Alicia never actually confirmed that they’re anything more than just friends, we feel like the timing on everything is just way too convenient for nothing romantic to be going on. But who knows! Maybe their relationship is like that of Shailene Woodley and Isidora Goreshter, who turned out to be just friends even after holding hands in public.


As we mentioned, Kristen has never publicly commented on her sexuality, but like a few other stars, was basc forced out of the closet.