Muser Kristen Hancher Accidentally Films Herself Having Sex on Instagram

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CAN’T. STOP. CRINGING!! When fans clicked on musical.ly star Kristen Hancher‘s Instagram live stream yesterday, they were in for possibly the biggest shock of their lives. While the video itself showed nothing but a dark screen, the 18-year-old could be heard — wait for it — having sex with boyfriend Andrew Gregory in the background.

We’re not going to include the audio for obvious reasons, but it’s pretty easy to find the clip of the moaning, dirty talk and slurping noises on social media.

The blonde eventually realized her mistake and took down the live stream. Unfortunately, the damage had already been done. Kristen jumped back on Instagram to apologize for what fans accidentally saw.

She said, “Whoever saw my live, I just wanna apologize; that was totally NOT intentional. Delete it from your mind. That was super embarrassing and super uncomfortable. But for real, guys, sh*t happens. Accidents happen. You have to move and and pretend like it never happened and go on with your life. That’s what I’m gonna do.”

Kristen continued by apologizing directly to the people who run her fan pages because they didn’t know what was going on and were “upset because [she] didn’t give [them a] full explanation.” While she didn’t straight-up say “I had sex on Instagram Live,” she DID admit that she didn’t realize she was streaming something with 14,000 people watching for three minutes.

She also replied back to a fan saying, “I hope you guys understand that it was a total accident and I’m so embarrassed. Honestly I love you guys so much and I WOULD NEVER intentionally do that. Fml.”

AHHHH! We cannot even imagine the embarrassment Kristen and Andrew are going through right now. We’ll try to take her advice and “delete” the sounds from our brain, but it’s gonna be a bit of a challenge.

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