Kris Jenner’s Hacking Kylie Cosmetics for Mother’s Day and We’re Here for It

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As we all know, the Kardashian-Jenner fam is full of strong, powerful, and business-savvy women, but you can pretty much ask anyone and they’ll tell you that Kris Jenner runs the ship. That’s why, just in time for Mother’s Day, Kris is completely taking over Kylie Cosmetics, and we’ve gotta hand it to ’em… it’s pretty hilarious!

Just yesterday, the beauty brand shared a short video on Instagram teasing that the brand was being taken over by a mystery hacker. The post was captioned with, “hi dolls. ready for me to takeover? guess who… ?.”

hi dolls. ready for me to takeover? guess who.. ?

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If you guessed Kris Jenner, we’ve got good news… You’re right! In yet another epic business move by the reality TV family, the Instagram handle for Kylie Cosmetics was swiftly changed to @kriscosmetics within the last 24 hours, and an image of Kris is now where the Kylie Cosmetics logo used to be. Of course, this is all just a brilliant ploy to get fans of the beauty company to purchase their upcoming Mother’s Day makeup collection.

In the latest video, which revealed that the hacker was, in fact, Kris Jenner, she steps out of a black Rolls Royce and walks to a Kylie Cosmetics photoshoot. She then crosses off the sign, which reads “Kylie,” walks into the shoot and takes a seat on the throne. After all, she is the queen!

Hey guys.. it’s me! and oh, my collection drops on Mother’s Day.

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As iconic as this takeover is, don’t worry because it’s only temporary. The bio on Instagram reveals that the page will be like this “ONLY FOR A LITTLE ? #KrisCosmetics,” so we’re going to guess that once Mother’s Day is over and done with, Kylie will be back at it. Until then, though, we can’t wait to check out the beauty brand’s new Mother’s Day collection come Sunday. What about you?