Kourtney and Kim Recap: Does Khloe “Win” For Best Sister Ever?

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Last night’s episode of Kourtney and Kim featured a very special surprise visit from Khloe, an inflatable giraffe, and some jealous fans. But what’s an ep of reality TV without a little bit of drams, right?

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Kourtney “won” the first episode last week, thanks to our scientific point system, but which sis will be victorious this time? Well, let’s see here…

The episode begins with a visit from Khloe, so we knew the eppie was gonna be a good one. She prances right in with Henry, a 6 foot tall inflatable giraffe that was a gift from hubby, Lamar. Because who doesn’t want a huge zoo animal in their bedroom?
Khloe, +1 for being hilarious, as per usual.

Then, amidst all the giraffe fun, Kim breaks down when she hears the news that her photos for W magazine show her naked, and not covered, like she originally thought. Uh, Kim, here’s a thought — maybe you shouldn’t be taking your clothes off in the first place?
Kim, -2 for crying like a baby. We love the girl, but COME ON now, people.

To de-stress from the photo shoot drams, Kourt, Kim, Khloe and Scott go to a club. A male fan asks Kim to take a picture with him, and then his jealous girlfriend gets mean and physical with Kim. Scott to the rescue!
Kim, +3 for being mature and not fighting back; Scott, +1 for manning up and protecting his fam (for once)!

Kourtney gets angry at Scott for getting physical, since he was “working on” getting better about that, but Khloe, who’s not exactly Scott’s number one fan, comes to his defense and tells Kourtney he was “just defending Kim.”
Kourtney, -2 for jumping to conclusions; Khloe, +3 for being mature and standing up for Scott.

Finally, since all episodes of reality TV end with a solution (ha, we’re joking), Khloe finally convinced Kourtney to talk to Scott and they kiss and make up. Meanwhile, Kim comes to terms with her nude photos as Kris convinces her that the pics will be “inspiring” for young girls. Inspiring, bad influence. Same thing.
Kourtney, +3 for forgiving Scott; Khloe, +3 for making everyone happy; Kim, +1 for not crying, but -1 for posing nude in the first place.

So, where does that leave our final tally? Clearly Khloe is the winner here, with 7 points total. Having Henry the giraffe in the ep definitely helped her case.

Who do you think won last night’s episode? Do you think Khloe makes the show better? Sound off now!