Kourtney and Kim Recap: The Kardashians Take New York, But Which Sis Was Our Fave in the Premiere?

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“The Kardashians are back, biotches!” Kourtney, we couldn’t have put that any better ourselves. Kourt and Kim‘s new show, Kourtney & Kim Take New York, is finally on the air, and, as last night’s ep proved, the girls’ time in New York was pretty much just as crazy as they promised. Yes.

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In our recap of the show, we’re pitting the sisters against each other every week, deciding which Kardash sister wins the eppie, based on a scientific point system!

So who got the highest score in episode 1, Kourtney or Kim? Read our recap and find out!

After the girls arrive in NYC and settle into their hotel (did we mention they have the penthouse suite?), Kim decides to go out on the town with Kourtney to celebrate her singlehood. Once there, she meets up with her friend Carla and Kourtney bounces to take care of Mason.
Kourtney,-3 points for leaving, Kim, +2 for being fun.

At the club, Kim sees an old friend, Michael Copon, who she says looks like “the guy from Twilight,” but is too scared to talk to him. Instead it was Carla who ended up inviting him over and asking for his number. Who knew Kim got so nervous around guys?
Kim, -2 for being too shy.

Meanwhile, Kourt and Scott are at home watching movies and engaging in what Scott calls the “counterclockwise boob swirl.” Gross.
Kourtney, +1 for tolerating Scott’s gross behavior.

The next day, Kim and Kourtney head to their new rented space in Soho, which eventually becomes the NYC DASH store we all know and love. In walks Kim’s “friend” Kanye West, who they introduce to their DASH employee saying, “This is Kanye.” Kanye says, “I think she knows that.”
We know Kanye’s not playing, but -10 for being a douche.

Kourtney and Scott’s relationship is better, so Kourt brakes the news to Kim that they’re moving back in together starting that night. Scott moves out of his hotel room and into the sisters’ penthouse. Kim storms out of the gym for being mad that Scott is “ruining” their trip and Kim’s time with her sister. Sad.
Kourtney, +3 for being mature, Kim, -3 for being, well, not.

Then, Kim calls up her friend from the club, Michael, and asks him out. They go to Serendipity for dessert, then back to her place and almost share a kiss — except she pushes him away. Rejected!
Kim, +3 for standing up for herself.

The final tally? Kourtney at 1 and Kim at 0! Uh, clearly neither of the sisters were major winners this episode, but there’s still a whole season of the girls’ antics and dramatic behavior to look forward to. We can’t wait to see what else is in store for the girls.

Will you be watching Kourtney & Kim Take New York? Do you miss Khloe? Did Kourtney deserve to “win” the first episode? Tell us below, dolls!