From Our BFFS: Is This The Best Rebecca Black Cover Yet?!

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We’re pretty sure we’ll be heading to Kohl’s on Black Friday for their commercial alone…its theme song is Rebecca Black‘s “Friday.” So approps, and so freakin’ hilar. [Wetpaint]

If you live in California, you’re seriously going to wanna go to this…Cody Simpson and Jasmine V are playing a concert together! For free! Today! Yippee! [Cambio]

Oh, ya know, just some pics of Justin Bieber LIGHTING UP THE EMPIRE STATE BUILDING! Yup. Nothing to see here. Keep walking. KIDDING! This is HUGE! [Twist]

Hey, there are a bunch of our fave books being turned into movies other than Breaking Dawn and The Hunger Games, ya know. Who can you see playing these iconic novel characters? [HuffPost High School]

Regardless of Breaking Dawn‘s mediocre reviews, it killed at the weekend box office and broke records. Any guesses on how much it made? Um, guess higher. [Hollywire]

And even though she’s on a whirlwind press tour promoting Breaking Dawn, Kristen Stewart also spilled about filming Snow White and the Huntsman in London. Um, that movie sounds awesome. [Just Jared Jr.]

We all know the best kind of holiday gifts are the ones that come from the heart are inspired by or loved by celebrities. Um, can we PLEASE have those Lady Gaga headphones, Santa?! [Seventeen]

Kim and Kris are like, so October. Are Katy Perry and Russel Brand the next celebs to get divorced?! [Posh24]

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