The KKW Kimoji Fruit Fragrances are Here and We Need ‘Em All

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Kim Kardashian‘s fragrance brand, KKW Fragrance, has come a long way since she first released her crystal-inspired perfumes. Ever since then, she’s released candy heart-inspired perfumes, a fragrance inspired by her very own body, and new today, a fruity collection perfect for summer.

Full disclosure, we haven’t even gotten a whiff of these new perfumes yet and we already know we need them. Think we’re lying? Just look at how cute the packaging is!

Clearly, the fragrance above is peach-scented, but also available on as we speak is this cherry-inspired scent, which will look just as cute on your shelf. But, if we’re being honest, you might just need to purchase both!

That’s not all, though! The new KKW Kimoji collection also includes a scent called “Vibes,” which is a summery mix including notes of watermelon, bergamot, juicy pineapple, apple blossom, peony petals and more. While the bottle for this perfume doesn’t seem to follow the same theme as the others, we’re kind of curious to try it out! Are you?

If you’re anything like us and are feeling desperate to get your hands on this fruity new collection, you better act fast. All three fragrances are available for purchase online at for $45 a pop, but they’re limited edition, so they definitely won’t be around forever. But, if you need a little extra convincing, today is World Emoji Day, so there’s no better day to treat yourself to a Kimoji fragrance. Just sayin’!