The KKW x Mario Bundle Dropped Hours Ago & It’s Already SOLD OUT!

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Throughout the course of her career, Kim Kardashian West has been involved in many different business ventures. And while a few didn’t take off, others most certainly did — like KKW Beauty, for example.

That being said, diehard fans of the 37-year-old and her makeup brand woke up extremely excited this morning for the release of her makeup collaboration with longtime makeup artist and friend Mario Dedivanovic. The pair started working together exactly 10 years ago today and he is largely responsible for some of her most iconic makeup looks. In other words, fans were certain that this collection was going to be stellar from the minute it was announced and the proof is in today’s sales.

The KKW x Mario collection went live for people to purchase today at 3 p.m. EST on and, within about an hour, the bundle was already sold out! The set includes a 10-pan eyeshadow palette, créme lipstick and two glosses, and although it’s valued at $101, it was being sold for just $85. What a steal!

It may be too late to get your hands on the bundle or an individual lipstick (yes, that’s sold out too), but there are still some products available that you can get your hands on if you head over to the site and make your purchase ASAP. For $45, you can snag yourself just the eyeshadow palette and for an addition $18 you can get in one of two stunning shades. Of course, you’re not getting the same value as you would with the bundle, but hey… it might just be the sacrifice you need to make. We mean, just look at how incredible the products look:

Here’s a fair warning for ya: the KKW x Mario products probably be completely sold out really soon, so RUN, don’t walk, to get yourself some of this fab makeup ASAP. Don’t say we didn’t warn ya!