KKW Beauty is Launching Colored Lipsticks and the Internet’s Lost All Chill

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It’s no secret that Kim Kardashian stans a nude lip, and TBH, we do, too! But that doesn’t mean we don’t also appreciate a bold red lip, or better yet, a BROWN lip every now and then.

Well, for those of you who are obsessed with KKW Beauty, but also feel like you may want to stray from the nude lip you’ve been rocking for, like, ever… we’ve got great news! More KKW lipstick colors are on the way!

You heard that correctly, folks! Kim took to Twitter yesterday to answer some questions, and when one fan asked the reality star if she plans on adding more lipstick shades to her line, she revealed that there are already plans in the works!

Of course, we’re super stoked to see what new and exciting colors come out, and it seems like the rest of the Twitterverse is, too! One fan wrote, “Yes darks reds. Nudes don’t look good on me either,” with another fan suggesting, “You should bring out some sparkle ones.” While we’d totally be on board with some sparkle, let’s work on getting those reds out first, shall we?

Unfortunately, as of right now we have no idea when we can expect the new shades, so we’re just going to have to trust Kim when she says, “Very soon.” But, LBR, whenever a Kardashian breathes a breath we pretty much know about it, so as soon as Kim chooses a release date we’re sure we’ll know allll about it. Can’t wait!