Those Varchie Sex Scenes on Riverdale are Definitely Not as Hot as They Look

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Varchie lovers, this one’s for you.

Riverdale star KJ Apa spoke to Cosmopolitan recently about what it’s like to film those Varchie sex scenes with co-star Camila Mendes and they’re definitely not as hot as they look. He told the mag, “It’s weird with someone you don’t know that well. On a movie set, you have time to get to know the person and rehearse before shooting. Camila and I just had to dive into it. Now that we’re friends, it’s easier.”

Well, that’s… underwhelming.

KJ also spoke about his own dating life — well, at least in a general sense. When asked about the difference between dating in the U.S. versus New Zealand, he explained, “Guys in the States are a lot more confident than guys in New Zealand. There, if you go out with your mates, you all hang with one another because you’re too scared to talk to the girls. Being in the U.S. has made me way more confident. Also, having a New Zealand accent increases your chances by, like, 50%.”

We have a feeling that KJ would have no problem dating in any country. (And we’re also gonna guess that his Kiwi accent increases his chances by way more than 50%.)

In case you weren’t already in love with KJ, he also revealed that his favorite genre of movie is romcoms: “Whenever I watch movies, it’s romcoms. If you looked at my Netflix history, that’s the only thing you’d see. They make me forget about everything else that’s going on. My favorite is Four Christmases — I’ll absolutely watch that when it’s not even Christmas.”

So let’s review: KJ Apa is gorgeous, has a New Zealand accent, is humble, AND loves rom coms. Yeah… this guy definitely doesn’t have to worry about his dating life any time soon.