KJ Apa Falls Asleep at Wheel, Gets Into Car Accident After 16-Hour Work Day

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KJ Apa is lucky to be walking around uninjured right now. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the Riverdale star got into a car accident last week after he fell asleep at the wheel. Apparently, the actor had just gotten finished working a 16-hour day on set.

The 20-year-old wrapped after midnight and proceeded to make the 45-minute drive home when he dozed off and hit a pole. His car was reportedly totaled as a result. KJ was taken to the hospital for observation but thankfully did not suffer from any major injuries and was discharged.

Sources told THR that the crash caused a “firestorm of protest” among the Riverdale cast and crew because many of them work late and long hours and aren’t offered transportation home. Cole Sprouse, who was apparently supposed to be in the car with KJ at the time of the accident, reportedly asked CW executives have rides provided to the castmembers who are on set for large amounts of time.

“They’re working these kids from morning until night,” one person close to the production team told The Hollywood Reporter. “Someone’s going to die.”

WBTV’s policy is, reportedly, that actors are responsible for getting themselves to and from set, especially when production occurs outside the U.S. (Riverdale films in Vancouver, Canada). A source told THR that all actors are encouraged to call a cab or stay in a hotel close to the set if they feel they’re not able to drive after working, and the studio will pick up the tab.

We are so glad that KJ is okay and hope that they can figure out a way to provide a safer working environment for all those on the Riverdale set.

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