11 Things in Your Kitchen You Never Knew You Could Use as Beauty Products

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I am sometimes judgmental and potentially simple-minded and, as such, I enjoy placing people into arbitrary categories. This is why, for the longest time, I assumed that when it came to kitchens, there could only ever be two types of people. There were those who use it in the conventional way — you know, baking, eating, cooking pies with your baby — and those who used it in the conventionally unconventional way, à la Carrie Bradshaw, sneering at the thought of using the kitchen to cook and only ever used the oven as a means of storing shoes.

But! Recently, I learned that there is also a third category of people — those who use the kitchen as a secret cache of beauty supplies, should the need arise. My world was extremely rocked, but it’s true — there are a ton of things in your kitchen that you could eat, sure, or use as a vessel for your clothes and accessories, but your best bet is to meld these two schools of thought together and just put them all over your face.

These secret beauty items are aaallll just lying around in your kitchen, anxiously waiting for someone (you) to seamlessly integrate them into their beauty routine:

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