All the Women Who Won the Heart of Jon Snow — We Mean, Kit Harington

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If you don’t watch Game of Thrones, we don’t think we can talk to you. Just kidding… but not really. Everyone knows it’s the hottest TV show on the air right now, and everyone is talking about the seventh and final season, which is set to air next year. It’s, like, really important. You know who else is REALLY important? Kit Harington, the actor who plays everyone’s soulmate Jon Snow, arguably the most iconic character in GoT history. The 31-year-old’s on-screen persona has won over the hearts of MILLIONS of people watching, and his real-life personality has done the same. Unfortunately, only a select few lucky ladies had the ~honor~ of romancing him IRL.

As is customary for the average good-looking celebrity, Kit has had his fair share of love interests, although he tends to be relatively quiet about his relationships. But since he doesn’t really talk about who makes his heart skip a beat, it’s our job to do some serious investigating. Many of his former girlfriends are (or were) his co-stars. Generally, if the celebs asked us before dating each other (which they totally should), we’d advise them against doing so. Sometimes on-screen pairings turned to real-life romances work, but more often than not, the end is awkward AF. If you break up, you still have to see each other every day on set!!! That does NOT sound fun. Luckily for the British cutie, however, his track record for romancing colleagues is pretty good. So good, in fact, that he’s decided to marry one of them!

Scroll through the gallery below to see all the famous women Kit has, quote-unquote, dated during his time as one of Hollywood’s hottest heartthrobs: