This Year’s Most Mesmerizing Coachella Hair is Seriously LIT — KiraKira-Style!

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It’s been several years since literally everyone at Coachella strutted onto festival grounds sporting a flower crown, and for a while, we even kinda missed it! This year, though, festival-goers are going harder than ever before with unique hairstyles, loads of glitter, and yes, lots of denim and fringe.

When it comes to trends like glitter and space buns, though, we’ve gotta be honest… we kinda expect them to make a comeback year after year. This year, however, we were completely mesmerized when multiple people walked around the fest with string lights in their hair. Yes, we were obviously concerned for their safety, but TBH, it looks totally awesome. See?

That’s right, fam! When it comes to Coachella hairstyles, this one is truly lit, and we’re just hoping more and more people arrive for weekend two of the festival rockin’ the same, bright locks!

Not so fast, though! Some people at Coachella took the look to the next level by pulling out their KiraKira photo app to see how their hair would look with a little extra sparkle and shine. If you’re unfamiliar with the app, we’ll be honest… you need to get it ASAP. And, if you’re wondering what the app actually does, prepare to be amazed:

We told you it was awesome! To be totally real with you, with or without KiraKira, the light-up hair is awesome and still our favorite hair trend from this year’s Coachella thus far. Just remember, festival season just began, so if you’re thinking about how to style your hair for your next music fest, here’s some more inspo!

Thanks Bumble & Bumble for the great ideas!