In WTF News, Kim Kardashian Might Appear on Stranger Things!

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Stranger Things is pretty perfect the way it is. The story is amazing, the cast is top notch… but what if it there was just one thing to make it the best thing of all time? What if… Kim Kardashian West is added to the mix? Bear with us, folks, because there’s a strong possibility that it might happen.

Why, do you ask? Well, TMZ photogs actually caught up with the mother of three just outside her DASH store on Wednesday. While she was being bombarded with a series of questions that she clearly did NOT want to answer, one pap asked her if she’d ever want to be on Stranger Things. Although her answer was not exactly “yes,” it was basically a total ‘duh, of course’ type of yes.

During the video, Kimmy had a coy little smile right before she said it’s her favorite show. Yeah, she totally wants to be on it. We certainly can’t blame Kim for loving Stranger Things, but somehow it does seem a little far-fetched for the reality star to have cameo on the show. However, with that being said, we’re all about seeing what ’80s styled Kim Kardashian-West would look like, so we’re not totally against the idea at all.

One person who we’re POSITIVE would love to work with Kim on the show is, of course, the Netflix show’s star, Millie Bobby Brown. The pap’s question about Kim being on the show was inspired by the fact that the business mogul just gifted the 13-year-old with her new perfume for Valentine’s Day AND a few other goodies from her KKW Beauty line. Millie took to social media to gush about the presents as well as her love for Kimmy and the KarJenner family.

Speaking of Kim’s new perfume, gifting the fragrance to a few of her famous friends — as WELL as some of her famous enemies, such as Taylor Swift — clearly paid off as a clever marketing campaign. The perfume line, called Kimoji Hearts, sold out of its 300 thousand-plus stock this past Sunday, only four days after it was released. So that’s another 10 million in the bank for Kim, which means even if that Stranger Things cameo doesn’t come her way, something tells us she’s not gonna be crying over it.