Kim Kardashian’s New Perfume is Inspired by Her Nude Body Because Why Not?

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Kim Kardashian‘s never been one to shy away from showing off her body, and in the past, it’s really ticked some people off. But, if nothing else, she’s always a great example of body positivity and what it truly means to be comfortable in your own skin, so TBH, we love her for it.

Now, Kim is taking all of that body confidence and turning into her latest fragrance, KKW Body. According to an Instagram post by @kkwfragrance, which shows off the imprint of Kim’s bare body in the sand, the new scent will be available for purchase on April 30th. See?

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Who’s excited?! This fragrance is the first since Kim launched her Valentine’s perfume, and NGL, we kinda hope she sends this one to all of her haters, too… just like last time.

Since it’s been a few months since her last fragrance release, there’s been a lot of speculation about this one in particular, and some rumors even surfaced that the product is unisex. However, Kim debunked that rumor on Twitter herself, saying that while a unisex fragrance is on the way, this one is definitely not it.

Also, in the past Kim has released more than one scent at once, so fans were eager to find out whether the new perfume would come in a variety of different scents. Thanks to Twitter, she was able to debunk that rumor as well, letting fans know that this time around there will only be one scent available.

Seeing as summer is just around the corner, we have a feeling this new fragrance is going to be light and summery, and TBH, we can’t wait! If you want to get your hands on KKW Body, though, just remember you’ll have to wait a bit, since it won’t be available until the very end of the month. Well, we’ll be here… waiting.