Chloe Moretz’s Comments Force Kim K Into an Immature Kanye-Inspired Rant

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Kim Kardashian’s body has broken the Internet more times than we can count, but her latest skin-baring escapade is perhaps the most controversial of all. The 35-year-old reality star posted a picture of herself completely naked with just her private parts censored to Twitter yesterday, causing a variety of reactions.

Some fans praised her confidence, while others questioned her decision to expose her body. Actress Chloe Grace Moretz clearly sided with the latter’s opinion, as she was quick to @reply Mrs. Kanye West and tell her how she felt.

Although the 5th Wave actress tried to be as politically correct in her response to Kim as possible, she still faced a ton of hate for calling her out. Chloe then posted ANOTHER set of notes that explained she was simply trying to use her platform for good and wasn’t “slut shaming” the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star.

Although it took Kim a few hours to come back online and see the drama that was stirring, she clearly didn’t take CGM’s notes as positive. The curvy beauty took a note from her husband’s book and composed her OWN series of immature Twitter notes to the 19 year old.

KK also took aim at Bette Midler, another star who has outspokenly criticized her nude antics, and finished off her rant by posting yet another photo in her birthday suit.

Shots freakin’ fired.

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