Ciara is The Biggest (And Maybe Only) Fan of BFF Kim Kardashian’s Music

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When Kim Kardashian announced that she’ll be officially venturing into the realm of pop music, we, even as die-hard K-dash fans, weren’t exactly making room for her album on our iPods. But even though Kim’s music career doesn’t yet have a fan in us, it does have a fan in her BFF Ciara. After recently releasing an album of her own, Ciara spoke very highly of Kim’s forthcoming foray into music, saying that Kim is “fascinated” by the music business.

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Ciara told MTV:

“I told her if she needs me, I’m here. She really, really is fascinated with the music video process and stuff like that. She’s a very, very glamorous girl.”


“She really loves that whole idea, and so she joked about it like, ‘I wanna shoot a music video, but I don’t want people to take it too serious. I would just like to have fun with it’.”

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