5 Things Kim Kardashian Should Do Now That She’s Divorced (Again)

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Ok, before we start, let us just say that we absolutely love Kim Kardashian (so much so that we wrote her a birthday poem last week), and we really were rooting for her and Kris Humphries to last forevs. Really. We were. But despite the breaking and, well, heartbreaking news that Kim and Kris are splitting, we decided to show Kim the bright side of all this — there’s still plenty of things she can do now that she’s single and ready to mingle. And no, you guys, we don’t mean get back with Reggie Bush. Check out 5 things we think Kim should do now, below:

1. Film a 2-part, 2-hour divorce special for E!. For those who didn’t waste enough time think the the 2-part, 4-hour wedding special was enough Kardashian, the 2 hour divorce special will pack in all the things you didn’t see behind the scenes of Kim and Kris’ relationship, like Kris bickering with Khloe, Kris making fun of Kim and, oh, wait…

2. Date another football player/basketball player/professional athlete in general. Because clearly that’s worked out really well for her in the past with Reggie Bush, Miles Austin and, ya know, Kris Humphries.


3. Give her 20.5 carat engagement ring to Kourtney, considering Kourt will prob be the next Kardashian sister to get married for attention tie the knot. Orshe can give it to Khloe. Upgrade from those 5 carats, eh?

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4. Write a follow-up book to Kardashian Konfidential, that should be called either “Kardashian Konfidential: Thank God I Didn’t Change My Name to Humphries” or “Kardashian Konfidential: What Kris is Getting in the Pre-Nup: NOTHING.” Has a nice ring (too soon?) to it, we think.


5. Start planning her next wedding. Come on. Like she hasn’t already.


What do you think Kim should do now that she’s single? Did you expect her and Kris to split (this soon)? You can tell it like it is in the comments. Promise.