Kim Kardashian Under Fire by James Charles for KKW Beauty Casting Call

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When Kim Kardashian West launched her makeup line, it sold out in less than three hours, making an estimated 14.4 million dollars. Since then, her line has expanded and continued to be a success… but a recent casting call caused just a little bit of controversy because of its lack of inclusion.

The story starts off when KKW Beauty launched a casting call in the LA area. On the notice it stated details of the casting call with the line, “This call is open to all women 18+.” Now, most people wouldn’t see anything wrong with this at a glance, but makeup artist. vlogger/first male covergirl James Charles tweeted a message directly to Kim before deleting it.

In the tweet, he wrote, “Sister @KimKardashian! There are thousands of boys in cosmetics who love you & I’m sure would be honored to slay a photo shoot for you! This is disappointing.” As we mentioned before, the tweet has since been deleted, but not before some outlets picked it up.

People magazine posted an article titled, “Kim Kardashian Slammed by Male Beauty Blogger for Only Asking Women to Model for Her Makeup Line.” Seeing as how James was on a Twitter roll, he responded to the article by asking the outlet to point out just how the makeup artist “slammed” Kim K.

Following that tweet, one user responded and told James to stop changing the subject because he “f*cked up.”

Well, it’s safe to say the whole situation has been handled after James cleared the air via Twitter.